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Recent project: "Wormies" - an early bird bites off more than he can chew - animated short film -
written and produced by Charlie Kothe - music and sound design by DaxMusic Productions

Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/44695457

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6aANuaoIxA


"I am the head producer and lead the creative team at Creative Radio, now in our 20th year of business at www.creativeradiojingles.com. I met Dax from an online resume he sent way back in 1999. We have done several jingle projects together including a couple syndicated radio ID packages. He is always on time with projects, and very in touch with today's technology and current sounds and styles. Brilliant to work with, very kind with clients on the phone, and eager to make clients happy with any changes that may be needed.

His resume caught my eye because of his live work with NSync when Dax lived and worked out of Orlando, FL. But, I learned quickly that was just a stepping stone for him, as he has a great deal of skill as a producer, keyboardist, guitarist and arranger and knows his way around any recording environment. All the work he has done for us was all out of his home studio...and tracks were always clean, with great sounds, very modern and hip, but he's also able to write in a variety of styles and deliver what is needed on a per project basis.

Highly recommended. Feel free to contact me with any questions about his past projects with me and his ability to work on your team."

Greg Armstrong
Producer/Creative Radio

"Dax Baumgartner is a multitalented audio engineer, musician, composer and arranger. He is hard working and diligent, always delivering positive results and ready to take on any challenge. In my experience, Dax also works well on any team, and is able to maintain a great sense of humor even under severe pressure. He never misses a deadline, and delivers high quality, creative results.

Not only a talented musician, he is equally adept technically. His trained ear is an advantage as an editor and engineer. Any team would benefit from having Dax as a member."

Dan Stamper
Music Director
Walt Disney Entertainment

"Dax, your music kicks ass!"

Aaron Marks
Author, The Complete Guide to Game Audio
On Your Mark Music

"It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Dax Baumgartner on several audio projects. Dax wrote and produced original custom music and jingles for my radio stations in Washington State. This product is still running on-the-air and has served us well in re-imaging and promoting the stations.

When launching the All Comedy Radio Network from Hollywood we asked Dax for creative direction, consulting and production of original image music. We have been delighted with his partnership spirit, attitude and final result of this project. We would enthusiastically recommend the creative music services of DaxMusic Productions."

Michael O'Shea
All Comedy Radio Network
Hollywood, CA

"Dax has been a valuable asset to the team at The Children's Music Foundation (CMF). He is the consummate professional, and is upbeat even in the face of difficult situations. His optimism is inspiring to everyone with whom he comes in contact. When CMF was at a point of needing to create and record a series of songs, Dax stepped right in and worked with our team in a process that led to the development of a superior product. He brings creativity, humor, clear thinking to those he works with and follows through with his commitments.

Any organization would be fortunate to have Dax on their team."

Rourke M. O'Brien
President and Founder
The Children's Music Foundation

"Dax Baumgartner's beautiful musical scores have provided a sophisticated audio level to our company
64 Colors. Each of Dax's unique, enchanting and mysterious compositions create the perfect mood and presentation for our character art and animation. We have worked with Dax for many years and are always blown away by his work!"

Laura Parsons
64 Colors