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Since 1999, Dax has produced dozens of creative music and audio projects for national clients in the education, advertising, and entertainment industries. Thousands of pages of spoken word dialogue and hundreds of original songs in all genres have been arranged, recorded and produced at DMP studios. Some of the product covers and screen shots from these projects are shown here, as well as a few video clips below of previous soundtrack and music arrangement projects. Audio samples from these and other titles can be found on the music/audio page.

Each project, no matter how large or small, is completely unique and is given careful, individual attention for the most successful final product. Please contact Dax for more detailed information, production workflow and project estimates.

Project titles and details (pdf)

Copyright (c) DaxMusic Productions, Inc.
Video clips, Under the Hood - HDTV pilot - DMP: original soundtrack
Video clips, Farm Force - winner Nickelodeon Nextoons Viewer's Choice - DMP: original soundtrack
The Power of Music, Tokyo Disneyland - YouTube video of entire show (tsukasahfromtdr) in three 10 min parts - DMP: music arrangement, demo and backing tracks
*NEW* "Wormies" - an early bird bites off more than he can chew - animated short film -
written and produced by Charlie Kothe - music and sound design by DaxMusic Productions